Events scheduled for our chapter and other events related to sewing in our area. Please contact us if you have questions or would like more details.

Virtual Chapter Valentine Social. Yes, we are having a Valentine Social this year! Covid concerns and restrictions require us to do this virtually, but we will have a Valentine Social on February 13, 2021 at 1pm via Zoom. We know it’s not the same as meeting in person, but it is so important to stay in contact with our sewing friends and hope you will join in the fun.

We always have an optional gift exchange, but since we can’t do that this year we thought it might be fun to make and give ourselves a little Valentine gift instead.  Imagine that:  making a gift that you get to keep!  A sachet?  A cute little zipper pouch?  A table runner with hearts on it?  What would you like that you might not normally make for yourself?  Whatever you make (if you choose to participate), please be prepared to show and share it. 

We will also have a very interesting presentation, “Adaptive Clothing,”  by fellow member  Anita Edwards from Come Sew in Port Townsend.   Anita unexpectedly needed to sew a small wardrobe of adaptive clothing and  found a lot of information on the topic but very little guidance on how to actually sew garments. She will be sharing her insights on how to approach an adaptive clothing project, products she discovered and ways of altering a pattern to accommodate unusual closures.

As always, we will have lots of door prizes, which definitely adds to the fun. Normally we share finger foods (and chocolate!) to help celebrate the occasion, but since we can’t, you might plan to enjoy your own Valentine goodies during our virtual get-together.

In these uncertain times one thing is certain—we miss each other. This is at least a way to see each other’s faces, hear what’s going on, see what each of us is working on. Please join us on February 13th at 1 pm. It won’t be the same without you. Contact us at for Zoom access information.

Sewing & Stitchery Expo February 24-28; 2021. The event will be virtual this year. Go to for registration and information on classes.

Spring Sew Sampler

Spring Sew Sampler returns on March 27 but in a different format this year.  We still won’t be able to meet in person but bring your coffee and snacks to your Zoom screen at 9:30 and we’ll get the program started at 10:00.  We’ll also take a short break around lunchtime so that you can bring your lunch to the screen if you’d like.  We’ll still be online so you can use this time as a chance to visit with those people you have been missing.

The Sew Sampler program consists of presenters from our membership who have agreed to share some of their ideas and expertise with us. This year’s topics and presenters are:Wearable Art

We all take photos when we travel. Some of us print them but most of us probably leave them on our phones to reference or to share when we want to remember our trip. Sue Scott has a unique way to save her memories. She will share with us how she printed and used some of her photos in a one-of-a-kind vest that she enjoys wearing.Denim

When I asked people for ideas of who I should invite to make presentations for this event, several members of Sewing Stars told me, Jan King! They were very excited about what she had to tell them at their neighborhood group but all they could say was that she talked about “denim”. So, here is Jan in her own words:

“What is it about denim? I had three bins of discarded and purchased denim on my shelves. I thought if I did some research on denim, I might get inspired to sew something with it. I did but what I also found was an interesting history to tell you about. If you have any denim items you have sewn, bring them to share. And puzzle about this: Why is denim blue?”PDF Patterns

They are less expensive than printed patterns and available to use as soon as your credit card clears, but beyond that, are downloadable patterns a mystery to you? Karen Oldham will let us in on some secrets to using them with ease.

One of the things that I most enjoy about any of our events is Sew and Share and we can do that virtually, too. Please bring something that you have done recently or even in some distant past that might be of interest to the group. Remember to bring pattern numbers if that information is relevant. Amusing or instructional sewing stories are also welcome.

If you are interested in joining us, contact us at for the Zoom access info.

Annual Chapter Picnic July 24, 2021 Hopefully we will meet in person this year. More details to come.

The Sew Sampler program consists of presenters from our membership who have agreed to share some of their ideas and expertise with us. This year’s topics and are:Wearable Art, Denim, PDF Patterns, and Specialty Sewing Machine Feet.

CANCELLED Save the date for the Annual Chapter Retreat at Seabeck Conference Center in Seabeck from Friday, April 24-27, 2020. This is 3-4 days of sewing, sewing, sewing! We take time out for meals, camaraderie and sleep. You bring your own sewing machine and projects, sew what you want at your own pace. Stay overnight or attend during the day.

American Sewing Guild National Conference in San Antonio July 2020. This event has been cancelled.

In-person Meeting Cancelled. This meeting will now be held via Zoom. For meeting access information, contact us at asgsilverdale Annual Chapter Meeting at on Saturday, September 26, 2020, from 10 am to 2 pm. We will meet at the Eagle’s Nest Community Room, 1195 Fairgrounds Road NW in Bremerton. We will conduct our annual State of the Chapter business meeting and hold the election for the next year’s Chapter Advisory Board. Once the business is concluded, the fun begins. This year, the Chapter is providing box lunches catered by Central Market. We also have the most-important Doll Raffle, and this year’s dolls come with some spectacular outfits! You will also have the chance to win a couple of beautiful themed baskets made by our Neighborhood Groups. If that’s not enough, there are door prizes.

This event is cancelled due to current Covid restrictions. Fall Fashion Fling:

Spring Sew Sampler had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 but Fall Fashion Fling is still a go! Cross your fingers that we will be able to meet in October!

Altering and Hacking Patterns to Fit YOU will be a hands-on lecture by Ryliss Bod, nationally renowned Founder and Director of the Sewing & Design School in Tacoma.

Ryliss will show us how to measure our bodies and make alterations to a pattern so that it fits. Measurements are essential to getting a custom fit in a garment. Everyone who sews a garment needs their measurements taken and their patterns altered to fit. Sewing patterns are just your starting point and you usually need to adjust the pattern to fit your measurements. Whether you are new to sewing or an experienced quilter or seamstress, a good fit in a garment is a must.

Wearing Ease also plays an important role in a garment’s fit and that varies with the type of fabric; woven, stretch woven or knit. Wearing ease is the amount of excess volume in a garment needed for regular body movement. It is what allows you to breathe, move your arms forward, bend your elbows, sit, walk, and do all your normal daily activities in comfort and without restriction.

Attendees will participate in taking measurements, making basic pattern alterations and hacking patterns.

Cost of program and registration forthcoming. For more information contact us at

Ryliss Bod, Founder and Director of the Sewing and Design School in Tacoma.